Offer directly to the mailbox of your future client

Our telemarketing services are extremely effective in promoting goods, services or companies. Customer service by our employees is a guarantee of the highest quality. Direct telephone contact enables effective relationship building. The hotline is operated by trained employees who care about the positive image of the company ...


For our part, we guarantee:

- a dedicated telemarketing department that makes up to one hundred calls a day Per person;
- Telemarketing campaign with an invitation to the event,
- Sending invitations to our customer base by the customer service office;

Our contact database:

- Always up-to-date, specialized database, created from scratch;
- A wide selection of criteria for reaching the customer - targeting;
- High efficiency - high rate of openings and clicks;
- The perfect way to reach a business customer;
- High-quality database, constantly updated;
- More than 28,000 unique e-mail addresses;
- Industry: IT / president / managing director; Director / manager of the IT department;
- network administrators, IT specialists; Financial director / chief accountant / accountant;
- business owner

Our services

We offer a wide range of marketing development services in the IT industry

Our process begins with a collaborative and holistic assessment to gain a solid understanding of you, your business and key customers. Together, we will explore your problems and business needs.


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